Bag It Beat It


As the biggest independent funder of cardiovascular research, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have established a powerful, rational story of their pioneering medical work but struggled to land their cause with the public through a lack of emotive storytelling. Coupled with the common perception that heart disease only affects those with unhealthy lifestyles; their relevance was limited.

To re-launch the BHF’s annual stock collection initiative, the Bagathon, we had to increase emotional connection, understanding and the propensity to give. Donating a bag of unwanted items to charity is often out of convenience, so our job was to bring this behaviour closer to the brand’s purpose; to fight for every heartbeat.


The number of children born each year with congenital heart disease surprises people and moves them because of our innate desire to care for the vulnerable.


Children are the little heroes. In September, as so many children head off to school, we told the BHF story through the people that matter – the little heroes who survive with the help of the charity’s life-saving research.

We worked with DLKW Lowe and Lowe Profero to create an integrated campaign – combining press, digital, DM, events and retail channels. We leveraged BHF’s 737 strong retail estate by placing hard-hitting creative of our little heroes right into the context of action; donation. Full window takeovers leveraged this touch point to drive maximum visibility together with promotional collateral in shopping centres nationwide and targeted direct mail encouraged people to give.


Bag It Beat It’ ran throughout September 2014, with the ambition of collecting 1 million bags. The current count stands at 1,168,474 surpassing all expectation and with more bags expected. The campaign generated an influx of responses on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter with people participating in the campaign submitting pictures and anecdotes of their own little heroes.


MAA Best Award 2015 – Best Integrated