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Despite being named ‘World’s Leading Airline’, the customer experience for members of the Etihad Guest program was patchy at best. For the most part, all members of the program were treated in the same way, no matter their history of travel or potential future value. It was also heavily reliant on email and comms were one-size-fits-all and uninspiring. As the customer base grew and expectations of the brand rose, there was an increasing need to provide an equally innovative customer experience throughout the booking, travel and loyalty journey.


We combined behavioural, destination and lifecycle segmentations, overlaid with data enrichment, to create personalised, relevant content.

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Etihad Guest


  • Etihad Guest was voted Middle East’s leading airline rewards programme 2018.
  • Member engagement has increased by 23.5%
  • Incremental revenue of $2.5million per month in the first two years.