Free the Kids



Kids today spend less time playing outdoors than at any time in modern day history.   As a consequence they’re not learning essential skills they’ll need to survive and thrive in the future. Our challenge was therefore to encourage mums to get their kids playing outside and get dirty in the process.

Persil Free the Kids Ad


We identified the poignant insight that kids today actually spend less time outdoors than prisoners and then created an influencer pack to deliver this shocking fact.

The pack was created as part of the “Free the kids” campaign for Persil encouraging mums to get their kid
s to play outside more.

The kids prison kit contained everything a child prisoner would need:

  • child-sized prison uniforms
  • amenity kits
  • tiny slippers
  • prison ID badges
  • criminal case histories for children

They also contained details on the wider campaign, which included a short documentary film. The packs went to selected media and mum influencers encouraging them to watch the film and ignite a conversation about kids playing outdoors.

Persil Free the Kids Prison Kit



  • The campaign generated more than 471M media impressions,
  • More than 17,000 extra visits to
  • Created social engagement scores 33% higher than Unilever average.
  • Most importantly 82% of mums said they intended to get their kids outside having seen the message.
  • The campaign was also awarded a Bronze Integrated Lion at Cannes 2016.