Raise the Roof






There are few places in the world where advertising fears to tread, but the Favela de Alemão was definitely one of them. Dominated by drug gangs, it was the most dangerous place in Rio de Janeiro.

After years of violence, the government finally won the war against the gangs and peace was restored. Suddenly the inhabitants of the favela were exposed to the outside world again, but how could a big brand like Kibon enter a neighbourhood that had known such poverty?



In the favelas you don’t demand respect – you earn it. It’s not about forcing people to take notice with a big advertising campaign, it’s about making a real difference to people’s lives.



Kibon began sponsoring the Alemão Cable Car in 2012, paying for the upkeep of this vital link between the slum and the city and helping the 150,000 inhabitants go about their daily lives.

In 2014 we wanted to celebrate what the cable car means to the people, and where better to see the celebration than from the cable car itself?

‘Raise the roof’ was an art exhibition held on the roofs of the Favela. Famous artists ran workshops with local people, helping them to create pieces that were then displayed on the rooftops, visible only from the cable car.

Art by the people, for the people!



The Favela de Alemão cable car became the most visited tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro, beating both Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer for weekend visits.

We saved an estimated US $909,000 on free ‘rooftop’ media.