Visit England


In 2014, the government announced the establishment of two Tourism investment funds, for Northern and South West England.  The key objective being to increase international visitor nights and as a result increase visitor expenditure.

We were tasked with developing creative platforms, guidelines and an integrated campaign for each region.  Communications would need to be distinct to the particular region but clearly sit within the GREAT brand.

We would be talking to a broad, diverse audience across key markets including the US, Australia, Germany and The Netherlands; an audience with a London-centric view of the UK and little to no awareness of the regions we want to drive them to.



We identified a key, unifying factor amongst our audience: these are travellers not tourists. They are not going abroad to tick off a checklist of sights.  They want an accumulation of experiences, to immerse themselves in the culture, variety and character of a region – something both Northern and South West England have in droves.



Go a little further to Northern England

We encouraged foreign travellers to look beyond their current expectations of England, beyond London, and go a little further to Northern England.  To go to a region in which they can fulfill their desires to experience the new and immersive through unique, authentic activities and destinations.

Find your own rhythm in South West England

The South West follows its own rhythm.  Just as a rhythm can’t be expressed through one beat, the region can’t be summed up by one destination or experience.  To showcase the South West we must demonstrate the range and the varying tempo of the true South West experience and in doing so show foreign travellers the different ways they can experience the South West – they can experience it their way.

Through the lens of each regional platform we were able to convey the depth and range of experiences to raise awareness and engage our audience.  On top of this the nature of each platform was flexible enough to allow us to tailor communications, so appeal to both older and younger age brackets across different local markets as each media channel required.

Delivery: Asset creation, Photography, Digital banners, Rich media, Press, Content creation and Social

Audiences: Consumer, Trade and Business Events