Wear It Beat It

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‘Wear It Beat It’ is one of the British Heart Foundation’s hero fundraising initiatives that has one simple ask: Wear red on the 8th of February to raise money to fund lifesaving heart research. Targeted with raising £750k, the success of this event is determined by three contributing factors:
• The number of people who sign up
• The number of people who convert to host a ‘red’ event
• The amount of money raised at each event
With aggressive fundraising targets, in a crowded market and a limited media spend, our challenge was to maximize the return from direct, digital and data-led activity.


In lieu of a personal connection with heart disease the primary motivation for signing up to an event like this, particularly if you are tasked with driving other people to participate is that it has to be fun. The fact that it is ‘for a good cause’ is secondary. But of course the definition of ‘fun’ is determined by who is hosting and where they are hosting their fundraiser from a school to an office or at home. Relevance was our strategy as we sought to make Wear It Beat It fun, accessible and compelling on a large scale.


Replacing the blanket approach to communication of previous years, we developed a segmentation strategy that formed the basis of our communications. Data analysis helped us profile our audience to identify the highest value contacts and those with a higher propensity to take part. A customer engagement strategy was designed to ensure each host was provided with inspiration, support, content and ideas relevant to their organisation to maximise conversion. And give our hosts the confidence to drive engagement amongst their colleagues, pupils, communities and friends.



  • In 2015, we generated just under 24,000 sign-ups, up 71% from 2014.
  • Over £1.2m was raised through Wear it Beat It in 2015, 60% above our target.